set of sample perfumes €25

set of sample perfumes €25


Sweet Basil + Bergamot - Fresh, peppery basil, sweet with delicate anise undertones, combines beautifully with the spicy citrus notes of shimmering Calabrian bergamot, warm cedarwood and wild rose.

Tuberose + Frankincense - An exotic blend of intoxicating tuberose and deep aromatic frankincense. Classic and timeless

Rose + Oud - Rich and deep. Rose petals harvested at dawn when their perfume is at its strongest, combined with rare, exotic and woody oud giving it a mysterious sensual depth.

Cedarwood + Cognac - Smooth, rounded with a hint of sweetness, cedarwood blended with tart cognac and hints of full bodied, earthy vetiver.

Volume 4 x 2.5ml

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